I wanted to be sure to express my appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding job Moyer’s Heating and Cooling did for me in regards to a new heating and A/C system. My home is over 30 years old and presented some challenges for the workers that performed the necessary tasks to make it perfect. Enough cannot be said about the three employees who did all the work and did it well. Casey, Caleb and Trevor were all very courteous, polite and professional in their work ethic, conversation and interactions with me, the homeowner. Casey was easy going and managed the team with respect and motivation. Caleb worked in the hot attic, showed me his work and how to change the filter in the attic. Trevor cut holes in the ceiling throughout the house for the new duct work and vents and though it was a messy job, he cleaned up the mess and was a pleasure to have in the house. Such is not always the case with workers in the house. All three men performed many other tasks and the end result is a heating and cooling system that works wonderful, is quiet and simply makes my entire home more comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you again for a job well done and workers that exceeded all my expectations. I will most certainly recommend Moyer’s Heating and Cooling to anyone considering a new system or repairs on an old one.

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