Meet the Moyer’s Family

Mike Moyer


Experience: 20+ years
Certifications: Blower Performance Institute/, N.A.T.E. Certified/, EPA Certification/, OSHA 10-20/, Calleffi Solar Water Heating/, Earthlinked and Climate Master GeoThermal Wires/, TACO Pumps/, Unisource and APS Certified
Likes/Interests: Hunting, Racing, Spending time with my wife and children.

Wendy Lindeman

Office Manager


Likes/Interests: Rollerblading, Kayaking, Hiking and Spending time with my son and 3 dogs.

Casey Hyde

Install Manager

Experience: 10 years
Certifications: HVAC, 410 Certification, BPI Building Analyst, Trac Pipe Certified, MCC Trade School Level 4 HVAC Certification, EPA Universal, Solar Cool Certified
Likes/Interests: Hunting, Firearms, and Camping.

 Steven Causley

Install Technician

Experience: 1 year
Certifications: Multiple Construction Applications
Likes/Interests: Mountain Biking, Fishing, Hiking, and Drag Racing.

Joshua Sandoval

Install/Service Technician


Experience: 1 year
Likes/Interests:  Golfing, Fishing and The Great Outdoors.

Aaron Harris

Service Technician

Experience: 25+ years Heating and A/C Service Work
Certifications: N.A.T.E. Certified
Likes/Interests: Walking, Riding Bikes, Playing with my dog, and Exercising.

Bill Edwards

Service Technician


Experience: 25+ years
Certifications: RSI Graduate, ESSCO
Likes/Interests: Gold Prospecting, Musician (Drummer), and Artist.

Dylan Hoyt

Energy Auditor

Experience: 1 year
Likes/Interests: My Beautiful wife, Family & the Great Outdoors.


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