Homeowners looking for help installing or servicing a Mini-Split AC in Prescott Valley, AZ can get qualified assistance from Moyer’s Heating & Cooling Inc.. Today’s homes require precise cooling options to achieve comfortable results.

Our community can experience weather extremes during the summer, which can cause traditional AC systems to falter. A Ductless Mini-Split AC unit provides targeted cooling right where you want it. Each room in your home, shop, garage, ADU, etc. can have a remote control. A single unit can support an entire room in the home. When we install multiple units for you, we can link them, so you can operate them from one location.

Mini-Splits are an ideal solution for cooling and heating places that don’t have traditional ductwork. Examples of where we install Mini-Splits are remodeling your home, older homes that don’t have ductwork, remote mountain cabins, workshops, garages, and yes, even new construction!

If you have rooms that never seem to get the proper amount of cold air, we have a reliable solution. Installing a ductless air conditioning unit can put an end to hot spots and rooms that overheat during the summer. These units are easy to operate using the remote control provided by the manufacturer. They mount to the wall and turn on or off as needed. Don’t pass up this dependable alternative to installing additional whole-house air conditioning equipment in your home.