Manufacturers recommend that consumers have their heating equipment checked annually by a qualified heating contractor. Fall is always the best time of the year to perform heating equipment checkups. By addressing the heating needs of our clientele before the cold of winter sets in, it gives us time to address the “no heat” problems of consumers who wait for the breakdown during Jack Frost’s chilling time of year.

There always seems to be an endless number of advertisements from heating contractors for low priced heating checks. Low priced “get your foot in the door” heating inspection ploys do not allow a company to recover the costs you incur to offer a proper inspection and honest opinion. Those ploys lead contractors to be tempted to deceptively sell unneeded services as a necessity to make up for foolishly low checkup prices that cannot even recover the cost incurred for the service.

At Moyer’s, we offer our services honestly while keeping our integrity intact, rather than with deception and the loss of truthfulness. Our consumers deserve excellence and honesty.

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