Spring is finally here, and that means now is the time to start getting your HVAC system ready for the long, hot summer. No matter whether you rely on a central air conditioner or a heat pump to keep your home cool, it is always a good idea to have your cooling system fully cleaned and serviced every spring before turning it on the first time. Cleaning the evaporator coil and the outdoor unit are especially important. Here is everything you need to know about how it is done and why it is so essential.

Evaporator Coil Cleaning

The evaporator coil is located inside the air handler compartment in the home, and it works by using cold refrigerant to remove heat from your home’s air and transfer it outside. The evaporator coil needs to be cleaned every year as dust can build up on the coil and prevent your cooling system from working properly. If the coil is coated in dust, the air coming into the system can’t come into contact with it. This can result in ice forming and the coil freezing up. What happens is that the refrigerant doesn’t absorb enough heat. This means it will remain cold, and the condensation that forms on it will start to freeze.

While you can find coil cleaning sprays at almost any home improvement store, we would never recommend trying to clean the coil on your own. If you do, you could easily damage the fins or the coil and cause the system to leak refrigerant. This can be an expensive problem to fix, which is why it is always best to leave coil cleaning to a professional HVAC technician.

Cleaning Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Dust, dirt and debris also collect inside the outdoor unit and can lead to numerous issues. If the unit isn’t cleaned, both the fan motor and compressor motor can start to overheat as the debris can prevent the unit from releasing all of the heat the system removed from inside the home. As with coil cleaning, this is also a job that is best left to a professional. The only way to access the inside of the unit is to remove the fan assembly from the top of the unit.

At Moyer’s Heating & Cooling Inc., our team is ready to help with your spring HVAC maintenance and cleaning. We work on all makes and models of air conditioners and heat pumps, and we can also assist if you need any heating services. For more information on our residential and commercial HVAC services in Prescott Valley, give us a call today.

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