Why Radiant Heat Is More Efficient Than Other Heating Systems

Radiant heating systems are rising in popularity above other types of heat, and their high levels of efficiency are a big reason behind their success. Most radiant heat systems are at least 25% more efficient than forced-air heating systems. There’s no doubt that this is an impressive improvement over other heating options, but how exactly does it achieve this level of efficiency?

What Makes Radiant Heat Different?

In forced-air heating systems, warmth is generated within a furnace by burning fuel such as natural gas or propane, using heat generated by electrical current, or collecting solar power. This heated air is then pumped into air ducts that run throughout the entire house while a different ventilation system pumps the cool air out.

With radiant heating systems, a series of heat cables or heated water lines run beneath the floorboards that evenly distribute heat in each individual room. Since heat rises, rooms are not only heated evenly across but also from floor to ceiling.

How Is Radiant Heat More Efficient?

Forced-air heating systems lose most of their efficiency in the air ducts. Since ducts are formed from connecting segments, leaks between the segments are extremely common, causing heat loss and forcing the furnace to work harder and more frequently.

Radiant heat has virtually no heat loss. All of the heat is directed precisely in each room. Heat is only lost through other unrelated areas such as poor insulation or gaps and cracks in the windows and doors. Radiant heat also warms rooms evenly no matter how large they are, which allows you to use them on lower settings and less frequently.

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