If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve encountered a mysterious pool of water surrounding your air conditioner at some point. Understanding the potential causes behind this phenomenon is essential for ensuring your AC unit stays safe and efficient while providing vital cool air when needed. Here is why water may be around your AC unit and how to prevent it going forward.

1. Drain Pipe Leakage

Drain lines often become clogged over time, though they can also wear out; either way, this may result in a leak that can quickly create standing water. Standing water around your AC unit can actually damage the unit itself, leading to expensive repairs if it’s not identified and fixed soon enough. If you regularly have your AC inspected by an HVAC expert as part of a regular maintenance routine, you may be able to spot leaks before they become too severe.

2. Rusted or Damaged Drain Pan

The drainage pan is located at the base of your unit and collects water from the condensation. Over time, it can corrode due to moisture, chemical exposure, and temperature dips that cause the metal to crack. As well as preventing further damage, replacing a rusty or cracked drain pan is beneficial in reducing maintenance costs and any future issues it might have caused.

3. Improper Sizing/Incorrect Setup

If your AC was installed improperly, it might have issues with moving its refrigerant or the air it conditions, which can lead to the AC needing to work harder. It can also cause your system to freeze over, causing excess condensation and water accumulation. Similarly, if an AC unit is too small for the space in which it is trying to cool, it will produce too much condensation that can result in water pooling around its base.

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