Smart thermostats are wonderful pieces of technology that can revolutionize your home comfort and lifestyle. However, if your household uses one of these modern thermostats, it’s important that you select an appropriate place to set it up.

Smart thermostats work by taking constant measurements of the temperature around them. Then, if the thermostat determines that your home is colder or warmer than your preferred temperature, it will tell your heating or cooling system to start circulating air. So, to keep your home’s climate comfortable and even, your thermostat needs to be placed somewhere that will provide a fair representation of your house’s overall temperature. Otherwise, your HVAC appliances will be all out of whack, and your comfort will suffer.

General Rules for Thermostat Placement

When selecting a spot for your thermostat, choose an area of your home that features consistent temperatures with as few fluctuations as possible. Oftentimes, a room located near the center of your home will be a good choice as it will usually be a similar temperature to the majority of your living space. It’s also important for the thermostat to be somewhere between 50 and 62 inches from the floor. Hot air rises and cold air sinks, so any placement outside of that range will most likely lead to inaccurate temperature readings.

Additionally, you should consider how many floors your home contains. If you have a two-story home, you should place your thermostat on the first level; the second level will probably be significantly warmer on average. On the other hand, if you have a three-story home, the second floor should be a great spot for your thermostat.

Locations to Avoid

You should make a point to avoid any of the following locations when deciding where to put your thermostat.

  • Above or below an air vent
  • Near any doors or windows
  • In the path of direct sunlight
  • In the kitchen
  • Near supply ducts or plumbing pipes

In any of these places, your thermostat will experience inaccurate readings due to extreme or fluctuating temperatures.

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