The heating and cooling system in your Prescott Valley, AZ, home might not offer whisper-quiet operation. In fact, most homeowners contend with a variety of sounds when their furnaces and air conditioners are on. Whether whirring to life, making gentle humming noises, or banging, clanging, and rattling, it’s important to know what your HVAC equipment is trying to tell you. The following are four common HVAC noises explained:

1. Humming Noises

Even new heater and air conditioner models make audible humming noises while functioning. If your heater or air conditioner has always lightly hummed during operation, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. If this same humming sound becomes increasingly louder or is accompanied by loud rattling, there may be loose parts or an imbalanced motor causing the issue.

2. Hissing

Hissing sounds when your air conditioner is running are rarely a good sign. More often than not, they mean that there’s a refrigerant leak somewhere within the system. The louder these hissing sounds become, the more stress the refrigerant leak is placing on your AC compressor.

3. Screeching, Squealing Sounds

With nearly all motorized equipment, screeching and squealing sounds are usually an indication of metal-on-metal contact. With your HVAC system, these noises could mean that the fan motor has a bad bearing, a loose or damaged belt, or a misaligned fan blade.

4. Banging, Clanging Noises

Banging noises in an HVAC system are frequently caused by loose components. As air moves, these components are blown about on their remaining moorings and come in contact with nearby surfaces. When banging becomes a rapid, erratic clanging, it usually means that a loose component has completely detached and is now being forcefully jostled about by the fast-moving air.

It’s important to note that heaters and air conditioners often become noisier as they age. Although excessive HVAC noise is a likely indication of repair issues, it might simply mean that your equipment is nearing the end of its lifespan.

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