It’s not unusual for a central air conditioner to make some clicking or other noises at the start of a cycle. These noises normally die down, though. If your clients or employees have complained about loud and continual noises coming from the AC, take note of this and have a professional AC technician over for an inspection. Such noises indicate that something is wrong.

Clicking, Rattling, Banging

Clicking occurs at the start-up and shutdown and is related to the thermostat. This is not unusual. Continuous clicking, though, may arise if the fan blade is hitting against something. It may be out of balance. It could be an electrical issue, too. Rattling and banging almost always point to a loose component, perhaps a screw or a connecting rod in the AC compressor.

Hissing and Whistling

Hissing and whistling may be the result of high pressure in the compressor, in which case you would need to shut off the AC as soon as possible. Whistling may also be due to your ducts being too small for the AC. Air escaping through holes and cracks in the ducts will produce a whistling sound as well.

The worst-case scenario is that your AC is hissing because of a refrigerant leak. Ask yourself if the AC isn’t cooling as fast as it used to. Exposure to refrigerant can harm your health, so have a technician come by right away.


A squealing noise could be caused by motor bearings in desperate need of oiling. Other times, it arises because of a bad fan belt. In any case, it’s a good idea to have it inspected.

Affordable Repairs and Maintenance

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